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Opening the Box to the Past

Blog Post created by Susan Nugent Expert on Mar 18, 2016

What does the phrase 'unlock the power Open Education' mean to you?


The internet and web have opened up new ways of learning, creating, curating, and finding content. The power of open education is that is community driven in the since that someone sees a need and they build a resource for that need and the community helps to curate the resource and even expand upon it. Then other educators can take that resource and build upon it for their courses. This flexibility of open education gives power to all.


Share a time when you leveraged OER for teaching and it (the resource or the experience) turned into something awesome!


When I taught web development a few years back, my absolute favorite resource was and still is the CSS Zen Garden. Designer Dave Shea created it back in the early 2000s as a resource for print designers to understand the power of CSS. In class I would demonstrate with the Web Developer toolbar what the page looks like without CSS and how web page changes when a different CSS file is applied. This really helped students understand the importance of separation of structure and presentation in their code.


Name one (or more, if you want) OpenEd repositories or tools do you use and why?


Smarthistory  - Well I love art and learning about Art


The next couple of resources I love because of love researching history.

Missouri Digital Heritage  - Lots of states have awesome archive websites. Missouri has many great collections

Seeking Michigan  - Michigan also has a great archive website as well.

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection| The Collection - great collection of old maps


Anything else about Open Education you want to share (a poem, a music video, a wordle, a drawing...)?

I've been researching my family for quite some time now and I found this image via Ancestry posted by distant cousin. He actually had posted this image with an entire collection from an old photo album on Flickr using a Creative Commons license. This image is my ggg grandfather and grandmother apparently on their wedding day. Because my wonderful distant cousin shared this great resource via the open web it can be enjoyed for many generations to come and that is the power of open education.


30a_RuthC_Album : Tintype of Henry & Mary Hobby