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Blog Post created by Denise Dejonghe on Jan 24, 2020

I've been researching Open Educational Resources (OER) with another instructional designer through the ID2ID Program sponsored by Penn State and EDUCAUSE. We just completed an open Canvas resource site to help higher education faculty start using Open Educational Resources. It includes a collection of open textbooks, searchable OER databases, subject-specific OER, and a PowerPoint presentation targeted to faculty that is also CC-licensed. A Google Form that can be copied/modified allows faculty to request support from an instructional designer and/or librarian.


It's in the Commons (titled Open Educational Resources) and also available to the public on the free instance of Canvas: Open Educational Resources


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Let me know if you have suggestions or additional resources to add to our OER about OER!



Some of the research within the presentation:

According to our research, 54% of higher education faculty are unaware of OER (Seaman, J.E. & Seaman, J., 2018) even though they are free, increase access and equity, and allow for customization (BCOER Librarians, 2015; Clinton & Khan, 2019; Colvard, Watson & Clark, 2018). Faculty challenges are understanding permissions, assessing quality, and locating supplemental content for open textbooks (Seaman, J.E. & Seaman, J., 2018). Our presentation provides solution to the challenges and motivates faculty by describing benefits that include diversity/inclusion, academic freedom, learning and retention (BCOER Librarians, 2015; Clinton & Khan, 2019; Colvard, Watson & Clark, 2018).


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"Key Things to Know about Open Educational Resources (OER)" is licensed under CC BY 4.0
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