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Stefanie Sanders
Hello!   I have some questions about using Turnitin as our only means for submissions: would it be possible to group submissions from one module (and one deadline) to distribute to each marker and would it be possible to lock the submissions to ensure that only the marker allocated to the specific group would be able to mark it? Also, in terms of… (Show more)
Stefanie Sanders
Hi, everyone   Out institution looks for a good solution in a proctoring system to be integrated with Canvas as an LTI.   I did not find a question who asked the same question, so I am sorry if it is repeated.   We need a system that is capable of indicating a student during the exam (camera records, browser lock or probably eyecontact).   I… (Show more)
Joseph Avneri
We've been experiencing an issue with the Turnitin LTI in Canvas - specifically for assignments that have the optional setting 'Generate reports on due date' enabled - similarity reports don't seem to generate on or even after the due date in Speedgrader for students who submitted prior to the due date. Instead an exclamation mark & error message… (Show more)
Victoria Maloy
Click to view contentHi all, Has anyone else noticed the Turnitin colored flags are displaying to students in the grade book, even when instructors have the assignment set to NOT show students the similarity reports?   The actual percentage is not being shown to the students, but the colored flag indicators are not feedback that instructors want to be seen, as… (Show more)
in Plagiarism
Stefanie Sanders
I am trying to understand the usage report that TurnItIn creates. And I am unsure about how the Integrations column of the report I generated. I have 2 different types of integrations under our Canvas Framework Account, one called "Native" and one called "LTI-API".   Does anyone know the difference between the 2? I have a general idea, and that… (Show more)
Stefanie Sanders
Using #Turnitin Plagiarism Framework, is there a way (within Canvas) to sort all assignments based on the Turnitin Similarity Score (for example, to easily identify the higher scores among, say, 700 students)?  When using the external tool, the Assignments Inbox can be sorted by the similarity percentage:  Is there a similar function via the… (Show more)
Stefanie Sanders
I want to start this discussion because I have never heard of this type of software before and wanted to know if anyone else has heard of it. I have concerns and wanted to know is this the new way of proctoring exams, I have concerns. I am taking an online class here at MVCC and the instructor is using something called "HONORLOCK" I have never… (Show more)
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