Mira Bektimirova

Your Canvas Webinar Invitation, or A Party Ain’t Workin’ without Canvas Rockin’

Blog Post created by Mira Bektimirova on Aug 17, 2017

Dear fellow Canvas fans,


You landed here right on time for Unicheck’s big announcement that may even rival our own renaming.

Here at Unicheck we are in the middle of introducing Deep Integration with Canvas. It is a big deal, because we are putting all of your previous experiences with plagiarism checkers on their heads. With this integration, Canvas and Unicheck work beautifully and smartly together.

We cordially invite you to join Canvas Partner Webinar to see Unicheck’s seamless workflow with Assignments, Peer Review, Rubrics and more.

We anticipated you’d have a question or three, so here you go.


Why should I go?

To see how our brand-new integration has made it possible to use accurate, responsive and glitch-free plagiarism checker with any type of Canvas assignment that can be downloaded in a file;

To learn why many educators in Canvas Community are switching to Unicheck.


Who’ll be there?

Meet our frontman:

Ivan Klymenko (see the photo below) is Partnerships Director at Unicheck and a true whiz in regards to anything related to integrations and workflows. Ivan will be presenting Deep Integration, guiding you through the new feats Unicheck is now capable of in Canvas.

Sergii Tkachenko is our Partnerships Manager. Sergii is the go-to guy if you want to try Unicheck out or get a fitting for your school.


What’s the agenda?

1. Unleashing full Canvas functionality

Find out how you can create any type of Canvas assignment with plagiarism check option in an effortless and smooth way of a true ninja (that’s what we lovingly call Deep Integration). Peer Review, Group Assignment, and Rubrics are all working exceptionally well with Unicheck.


2. Grades esthetics


Even though we’ve concerned ourselves with giving Unicheck’s representation of Grades a sense of beauty, it’s not the only thing improved. We also made sure to become handier than ever in helping teachers grade faster. Neat and efficient, that’s what we are talking about.


3. Taking care of your IP rights.


Yes, we feel responsible for that, too. We’ll explain you why all files are now stored in Canvas, and what benefits you receive because of it (like ability to extract archives, do backups, and migrate data easily).


4. Experiencing Canvas mobile app


Find out more about submitting papers from mobile devices and uploading papers from any storage Canvas supports.


5. Approaching LTI differently


That’s something utterly new. Instead of old LTI, we are introducing API+LTI integration, and also mention why you should care.


6. Handing out candy for the tech-savvy


Enjoy 99.9% uptime, auto-updates, secure connection, and other yummy stuff.


7. Giving answers


We are reserving a chunk of time for your questions, concerns and feedback.


So, where’s the party?

To participate, you need to register for Canvas Partners Webinar.

When’s the party startin’?

August 24, 2017, 4.15 pm MT.

Can’t wait to see you there guys.
Your faithful Unicheck team