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Unicheck Evolution: New Spanking Writing Solution


At the call of its educational mission, Unicheck team came across the idea to create more super-helping stuff for students.


This time it presented an Add-on for Google Docs, which allows to check papers on the spot in few clicks.


Though new solution is not as compound as Unicheck’s integrations with Canvas, it may be of a great help for learners, saving them time for student life.


Is Add-on for GDocs really that stunning?


No doubt.


Main advantage of Unicheck Add-on lies in a real time similarity search. Open a document and check it right away. No additional moves needed.


The Add-on combines user-friendly interface and regular, but complete pack of features, being a handy candy for those who write.


Easy to use


Just a couple of clicks are needed to start using the Add-on. Find it in the store, add to your GDocs, and - presto - get ready-to-use tool.


Another step is to login to Unicheck account or sign up.


Click “Start check”, and the system would count all pages in a document in accordance with standard academic calculation, taking 1 page for 275 words.


Start check and in seconds and get detailed check report with similarity score, sources from the web and list of citations and references.



Easy to interpret


Check percentage of detected similarities (if there are any) using right-side pop-up. Manage similarity sources by excluding and including them. Check on citations and references - MLA, APA, Chicago, whatever the writer’s soul is in need of - by clicking a particular bar. Edit the document and recheck it in seconds. So many features, so little space.



To get more details, open full report and get colourful and clickable clarification on found matches.



Additional abilities


This is not the end, though.


Browse history of a document, go to library to find saved files, and use an option “Buy more pages” to top up the balance.



Unicheck Advisement


Staying on guard of educational integrity, Unicheck never stops improving and developing. Lots of useful updates are coming soon, but at the moment Unicheck Add-on for Google Docs already captured attention of learning society (and hopefully, Canvas community as well).


Simplicity and speed, combined with accuracy and interaction come together in this elegant and powerful tool to help thousands of students to stay focused on their work and gain great results in learning, writing, and life.


P.S. And watch our video 

Plagiarism Checker for Google Docs from Unicheck - YouTube