Adam Herrera

Why do you keep using Turnitin and Canvas

Blog Post created by Adam Herrera on Mar 6, 2018

Why do we keep using Turnitin with Canvas with all the problems that it has had in the last year? Why does Canvas not apply a fix if there is a problem and they have a fix for the problem? We have been dealing with so many issues since they move to LTI. I think that they don't listen until today when we asked for a refund for a service that isn't working. There is always a workaround but we are now done with workarounds and it needs to be fixed since it is making our students suffer. Canvas promotes Turnitin as a premier partner and this is misleading when the services doesn’t work. Maybe if more College started asking for a refund for service that doesn't work. Then maybe they will start to fix the problem or stop promoting Turnitin as a premier partner. So why do you keep using Turnitin?