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Course Copy Support for Plagiarism Detection Platform

Blog Post created by Mira Bektimirova on Mar 14, 2018

   We know how time-consuming building new courses can be. And that’s absolutely not necessary for the majority of course structures are similar, right?


   Unicheck is here to simplify and automate this routine for you, guys. Welcome a new awesome feature for Unicheck & Canvas Native Integration - Course Copy!


   Now you can copy courses content easily. It will take you literally a couple of clicks to create a new course with all the assignments by simply copying an existing course.



   Here is how you do the Copy of the Course:


Step 1. Log in to your Canvas account as Administrator, go to General Settings and install a Unicheck App.

Step 2. Open “Courses” section and create a new course with assignments.

Step 3. Open an existing course with assignments and submitted students’ papers.

           Step 4. Go to “Settings” and pick “Copy this Course”.


         Step 5. In “Copy this Course” tab, fill in “Name” and “Course Code”(any), and click “Create Course”.

* The course will be copied together with assignments (apart from submitted student papers and students database). It will also have default Unicheck Settings.


Step 6. To invite students to a newly created course, go to “People” section, click “+People” button and fill in the emails of students in the pop-up window.


   Step 7. Go to settings of a newly generated assignment. In "Plagiarism Review" section, you’ll find default Unicheck settings. Modify if needed.


A Quick Reminder of Unicheck’s Native Integration with Canvas


Unicheck can be integrated into Canvas in two ways: via LTI or via what we came to call a Native Integration.

Here’s a quick recap of what’s cool about Unicheck & Canvas Native integration:


  • Takes only two clicks to set Unicheck up for an assignment
  • No maintenance - automatic updates + 99.9% uptime
  • Speedgrader compatibility
  • Comprehensive plagiarism report available to both teacher and student
  • Total similarity score in front of every submitted paper on the list (different-colored flags) in Grades
  • Paper resubmission opportunity


In case you have any questions or need help with activating the feature in your account, don't hesitate to reach out to me on mira@unicheck.com.



Best regards, 

                           Unicheck Team