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Using Multiple Keyboard Languages on Mac LockDown Browser

Blog Post created by Support Admin on Oct 22, 2018

On Mac, when using Respondus LockDown Browser, students can't use the default key commands (Control-SPACE or Command-SPACE) to switch keyboard language input. They might need this when taking a test for a language class.


Tell students to change the keyboard shortcut to something else (we found using the CAPS-LOCK works).


Starting in macOS Sierra (10.12) by default you can switch between languages with Control-SPACE while previously it was Command-SPACE. Command-SPACE is now "Show Spotlight Search" which is restricted in LockDown Browser (understandably).


To change the keyboard shortcut go to: System Preferences, Keyboard, Input Sources, Shortcuts, and you can change which key commands cycle through the "input source" or "input menu" - this may be different for different version of macOS, so do some Google searches to figure it out.


NOTE: This only affects the Mac version of LockDown browser, not Windows. Hopefully, Respondus will fix this in future versions, but this work-around will do the trick for now.


I'm just posting this for others' benefit. We've figured it out... but it took a while. Hopefully I've included enough key words in here to help someone out in the future. I plan to notify Respondus.