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Peter D'Orsi

Portfolium Network

Posted by Peter D'Orsi Oct 15, 2019

As of October 15, 2019, the Portfolium Network is free and will be seamlessly integrated into the Canvas LMS user experience. 


What is the Portfolium Network?

In February of 2019, we announced that we had entered into an agreement to acquire Portfolium, founded in 2014 in San Diego, and built to showcase the achievements, projects, and competencies of students to potential employers, serving as an expanded resume or CV. 


Portfolium currently serves more than 4,600,000 students and alumni, and 40,000 educators from more than 3,600 institutions in 18 countries.

Why is it free?

We’re dedicated to empowering people to grow from the first day of school to their last day of work and we believe this Network is key to that journey. We believe that students should have lifelong access to their Folio, where they can organize learning assets, connect with other Folio users, and curate content to help showcase their skills to potential employers, with the goal of achieving long-term success within and beyond the academic experience.

How can we get Portfolium Network?

USA: Contact your CSM to enable the Portfolium Network in your account. 


Globally: The Portfolium Network is currently in limited beta outside of the USA. It will be rolled out to our global users as it is deployed on AWS servers in those regions, currently planned for late 2020. Until it is available in-region, you’ll continue to use the legacy Canvas ePortfolio. 

What about our legacy Canvas ePortfolios?

We don’t currently plan to turn off Canvas ePortfolios any time soon. Because many users at many institutions have been using Canvas ePortfolios, sometimes as part of a course or program, we will not be disabling Canvas ePortfolios unless requested by a participating institution. As more users adopt the Portfolium Folios, we will develop a plan to transition from the old to the new.


We are not planning a built-in migration tool due to the very different structure and design of Portfolium Folios vs Canvas ePortfolios. However, there are solutions for Canvas ePortfolio users. Please contact your CSM to learn more.


We hope you’re as excited as we are to see how putting this powerful tool in the hands of students will influence their growth for a lifetime! Keep us posted on the success stories you hear!

Wait, I have more questions…

That’s fantastic! We have more answers. Please check out the Portfolium User Group for guides, an FAQ, and The Portfolium Network - New Training Course on Folios 

Say hello to the newest member of the Instructure family - Portfolium. Portfolium is your free digital portfolio tool to visually showcase your academic and professional accomplishments and experiences. It is also your own unique personal branding tool, integrating a professional profile with social media and job-seeking features. The platform makes it very easy for you to not only search for and apply to jobs, but to also share your work with friends, colleagues and the very employers you want to work for!    


The free Portfolium Network is now seamlessly integrated into the Canvas LMS user experience. You will have lifelong access to your Folio where you can organize learning artifacts, connect with other Portfolium users and curate content to help showcase your skills to potential employers. 


In addition to these exciting announcements, Instructure’s Training Department is happy to introduce you to a new training course designed to help you create, customize and share your Folio.  


About the Course:

The Portfolium Network training course consists of three modules of content that guide you through everything you need to know about Portfolium Folios.  Use the information found in the course to create a brand new Folio or to access your existing Folio from within Canvas. All users, administrators, faculty and students, are invited to participate in the course.   


Where you Can Find this Course:

This course is available via public link: The Portfolium Network  Use this link to view and participate in the course. At this time the course is not available to be downloaded or adapted.  


You can also enroll yourself in the course through the Canvas Network.  Check out this guide to learn more about enrolling in a course through the Canvas Network.   



We will post all updates to the course below, as they are made. Subscribe to this post to stay up to date!

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