• Portfolium: FAQ

    How do I get Portfolium ePortfolios for my institution? Why is this only available as a closed beta? When will Portfolium be available for everyone? How does Portfolium compare to Canvas ePortfolios? W...
    Renee Carney
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  • How do I submit my Signature Assignment into Portfolium?

    How do I submit my Signature Assignment into Portfolium?
    Stefanie Sanders
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  • How do I submit my signature assignment into portfolium?

    I'm new so can anyone help me with this question? Thanks for your time!
    Stefanie Sanders
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  • Questions about Portfolium

    Has anyone used portfolium.com?  Did you find it beneficial?  Do you have any tips for use?
    Ndola Carlest
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  • Roster Sync between Canvas LMS and the Canvas Outcomes Assessment Platform (Portfolium Network)

    When a faculty member needs to grade a student who failed to launch a Portfolium Assignment, the student does not get added to the Portfolium course roster. A one click roster sync and/or continuous sync from Canvas L...
    Justin Carrell
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  • Portfolium Guides

    Portfolium Network is an ePortfolio platform where students can create their Folio while they are still in school and continue adding to it as they enter the professional world. Institutions c...
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  • The Portfolium Network - New Training Course on Folios

    Say hello to the newest member of the Instructure family - Portfolium. Portfolium is your free digital portfolio tool to visually showcase your academic and professional accomplishments and experiences. It is also you...
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  • Portfolium Network

    As of October 15, 2019, the Portfolium Network is free and will be seamlessly integrated into the Canvas LMS user experience.   What is the Portfolium Network?In February of 2019, we announced that we had en...
    Peter D'Orsi
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  • Portfolium Network - Reinventing ePortfolios

    Learn more about the newest member of the Instructure family - Portfolium.  This CanvasLIVE session focuses specifically on Portfolium Folios and how you can seamlessly integrate this new tool into...
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  • What are Portfolium ePortfolios?

    This document outlines ePortfolio functionality within the new Portfolium LTI.   Portfolium ePortfolios allow Canvas users to create and share ePortfolio projects and network with their peers.   What are P...
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  • Portfolium Profile and Project Tips

    I’d like to share some useful tips and information I’ve collected when researching Portfolium. This comes from a review done in early 2019, so some features may have changed since, please update if you kn...
    Mark Van de Velde
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