• New Quizzes is it available

    Is Quizzes.Next now called New Quizzes?  Where do I find the steps, as Admin, to make this available?
    Jane Ewing
    created by Jane Ewing
  • Is there a way in cavas to create graphing questions, where students can actually graph answers on a coordinate plane?

    Math teachers are wanting students to graph their solutions on a coordinate plane?  Where in canvas can they create this?
    Lynette Langford
    last modified by Lynette Langford
  • Google Forms to Quizzes.Next?

    I have a teacher who'd like to convert her Google Forms to Quizzes.Next.  Is this possible?
    Nicole Schrock
    created by Nicole Schrock
  • Does anyone use a SIS (Student Info System) that works with Canvas well?

    We are looking into adding a SIS to our Canvas to hold demographics of students along with some state assessments. Does anyone use a SIS that will import data into Canvas? Thanks
    Kim Brogan
    last modified by Kim Brogan
  • Pairing Codes

    Does anyone know how Admins can create pairing codes for the Parent App? I cannot find directions on how to do this, only how students can create pairing codes. As someone else suggested, and I will reiterate, will th...
    Tami Flood
    last modified by Tami Flood
  • I am working on Infinite Campus integration. 

    Here is what I know.   Canvas is certified directly with Campus for version 1.0 .    Canvas is certified with kimono for 1.1 and Campus is telling me they would like you to be certified with them.  ...
    Bob Munson
    created by Bob Munson