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Kevin Dougherty
Hello Quizzes.Next Community,   Recently there has been some confusion about our plans for how Multiple Answer questions will be handled. This discussion unfortunately started as a comment thread on a user guide, which means many of us were at a disadvantage in noticing it. Some baseless concerns seem to have taken root and so it's important to… (Show more)
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Tim Maw
I was wondering if the option to add text only (no question) questions into Right now that is available in legacy quizzes and is something that is really helpful for our instructors. You can add a header this way for students or additional information they may need for a section of questions and I hope this will become available in… (Show more)
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Stephanie Bridge
Click to view contentI am using the new gradebook.  I am struggling keeping track of which students I have reviewed and finished grading (because they have essay/questions that the teacher must review) versus those which have only had the auto-graded questions reviewed. In speedgrader the menu of students ALL have checkmarks.  I understand this means the… (Show more)
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Jennifer Lubkin Chavez
As I understand it, if question-level feedback is provided, students will see it after they submit their quiz. Is it possible to delay the release of feedback until a later time? Does anyone know if it would work if in settings "Restrict student result view" is toggled on and "Show item feedback" toggled off and later (after quizzes were… (Show more)
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Leslie Kern
In some cases, the same basic quiz, with some modifications, is given multiple times within a course. Is there (or will there be) a function for duplicating a quiz within a course?
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Stefanie Sanders
In New Quizzes, one of the things that you may have not noticed is setting the seconds in the time limit. Here's how you can work it out.   From the Settings tab, turn on the time limit feature. In the Minutes box, delete any other values. Now, enter a decimal point, followed by the amount you want to put in. When we tested this feature, we… (Show more)
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