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Gideon Williams
Click to view contentI have changed the Settings on the quiz to this: When a student completes the quiz and reviews their answers they see this:   So despite changing the settings to ensure students DO NOT SEE THE RESPONSE AS CORRECT/INCORRECT, the CORRECT response is ticked!!   Surely this cannot be the expected response?   Any help/thoughts gratefully… (Show more)
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Jacqueline Vulcano
Is there a way to add a PDF to the new quiz? I want students to read a Newsela article and answer questions about it. (Newsela Pro  LTI integration is too expensive for us, so I'd like to use the free PDF we have access to.)
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Stefanie Sanders
Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is no way to add a MathQuill formula to a matching question in the new quizzes, is there?
Gideon Williams
Why when I add questions from the item bank does it promote each new question pushing the original one I have added down the order rather than add it in a more logical way where the first question added becomes Q1 and the second question Q2 and so on.       What is even more confusing is when I then delete a question I added from the bank and… (Show more)
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Keith Johnson
I would like to include a survey-type question in a quiz I am creating for use as a comprehension tool for a video my students will be viewing.  I would like to ask a question of the sort, "Which one of the things you've seen in the video do you do?", and give them a set of things to choose from.  No one answer is the correct one- they get the… (Show more)
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