• HTML editor would be really useful

    Frequently, I find that I need to copy and paste HTML from another source into the HTML editor (as opposed to the rich-text editor) in the "classic" quiz engine, or to modify the HTML in this view. However, it appears...
    Eric Orton
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  • What is the easiest way to migrate question banks to item banks?

    Where is the group of questions stored in the New Quizzes when you migrate it? I know, that probably isn't going to work, but I am just trying to find an easier way to create tests that are linked to item banks in New...
    Tracey Gould
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  • Matching questions: No LatTex editor.

    While creating matching questions, there is not a rich content editor on the box where we type the options for matching, so that we can not type equation or insert graph. Anyone has concern and thought on it?
    Cheban Acharya
    created by Cheban Acharya
  • Scoring Multiple Answer questions

    Hello Quizzes.Next Community,   Recently there has been some confusion about our plans for how Multiple Answer questions will be handled. This discussion unfortunately started as a comment thread on a user guide...
    Kevin Dougherty
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  • HTML Editor and Accessibility

    Is there a way to access the full HTML editor anywhere in Quizzes.Next? This gap seems like it could pose some especially large challenges for people as they work to ensure their course materials are accessible.
    Steven Cain
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  • Will there be more advanced settings for when a student can view their quiz results?

    In the current Quizzing tool the only options available are as seen in the screenshot below.   Will these options be available in the new quizzing tool? Will there be any other options such as "when everyone h...
    Jon DeGroot
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  • Are there going to be Text (no question) question types?

    I was wondering if the option to add text only (no question) questions into Quizzes.next. Right now that is available in legacy quizzes and is something that is really helpful for our instructors. You can add a header...
    Tim Maw
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  • Institutional IP Address Filter

    Right now in our developer instance of Canvas I am able to select an institutionally defined IP Address range as a security filter on a normal quiz, but the Quizzes.Next quiz does not currently allow access to the ins...
    Steven Cain
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  • Outcomes alignment

    I don't see any outcomes when I attempt to align outcomes to an assessment or question.  The prompt states "Align institution outcomes?"  Does this mean that outcomes created in a subaccount or course cannot...
    last modified by leward@iu.edu
  • Stop students being able to see Quiz answers and questions after the quiz has been taken.

    My students have just sat a closed book exam using the quizzes next. Reading through the forum, feature comparison list and other members questions question, it appears that we cannot turn stop the student seeing thei...
    Olaf Schaaf
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  • Production Release Date

    When is the production release date
    Bruce Gustin
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  • Differentiating which submission still need teacher review.

    I am using the new gradebook.  I am struggling keeping track of which students I have reviewed and finished grading (because they have essay/questions that the teacher must review) versus those which have only ha...
    Stephanie Bridge
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  • When in 2020 will New Quizzes be activated?

    Hi team, I am hoping to find out when in 2020 to see 'New Quizzes' as the default quiz building tool in Canvas, and how long I will have to migrate question banks built in the classic quiz tool over to new quizze...
    Peter Birch
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  • +Quiz/Test Button Disappearing

    Hi There, when I go to "Assignments" to begin creating a Quizzes.next assessment, the +Quiz/Test button is there for a split second, then disappears. I am unable to click it. When I look in my "Settings" for the cours...
    Josi Russell
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  • How can we determine which courses are using New Quizzes?

    We are working on preparing our campus for an eventual move to New Quizzes and have enabled it for all of our campus, but only a small percentage of courses have started using it. One of the challenges we are seeing h...
    Christopher Phillips
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  • Setting a minimum pass mark in a Quiz

    Is there currently any way I can set a minimum pass mark for a quiz?   For Example, I have a unit in which my students need to achieve a mark of say 75% to pass this quiz rather than the standard 50%, is th...
    Peter Birch
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  • Will question metadata be supported?

    Will Quizzes.Next support question metadata such as Learning Objective, Cognitive Domain, Difficulty Level, etc.?   Thanks!
    SAGE CanvasAdmin
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  • How do I organize multiple Item Banks in Quizzes.Next?

    How do I create a Quizzes.Next quiz where I can have random questions from within a Item Bank but using multiple banks create groups of questions, like I have done in Quizzes?   Often I will setup quizzes where ...
    Tim Van Norman
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  • Points vs Points?

     I've written an assignment in Quizzes.Next, it is worth 16 points and will not be counted towards a final grade in the Gradebook (so the assignment group it is in is 0% weighting). I've set it so the score will ...
    Fiona Wilson
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  • Quizzes.Next Quiz Answers Export

    I didn't see much specific information on downloading quizzes and quiz answers in Quizzes.Next. Our program does not allow students to see exam questions and answers in Canvas for exam security reasons. We have used S...
    Courtney Campbell
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