• New features: Reopen quiz and additional response release options

    I was reading the most recent release note summary for February 16th here, Release Notes: Canvas, and noticed that a couple of new features are being released for Quizzes.Next.   It looks like we will now be abl...
    Eric Werth
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  • Help - Quizzes.Next Report

    I've been on a couple of long support chats with for this - each time they "escalate" it then I haven't heard anything back, so I thought I would put it out to the community here:   I developed an important end ...
    Jason Johnston
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  • Canvas Quiz Migration

    Hello all, I'd like to point you to a new piece of documentation that was added the the User Group yesterday: How do I migrate a Canvas quiz to Quizzes.Next?   Depending on your institution, you may be able to ...
    Cody Titmus
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  • Quizzes.Next and LMG

    Does anyone know when quizzes.next will integrate with the Learning Mastery Gradebook?  We don't want to move our teachers to QN until this integration is set.
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • New option for hiding quiz responses in Quizzes.Next

    I just saw in the new release notes (Canvas Release Notes (2018-10-06)) that responses in Quizzes.Next assessments can now be hidden (https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-15420-canvas-release-notes-2018-10-06#jive...
    Eric Werth
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  • Issues/Quirks/Requests Encountered

    Note to Moderators I do apologize for all the moderation requests my editing this causes. I don't know what triggers the requests, but I guess I did it so that it's requested everytime I make a change. :S   Intro...
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  • quizzes.next - Maybe next.year?

    We've installed quizzes.next on our DEV server to test and I like what I see. However, we were hesitate when we found that it doesn't work with Respondus LockDown browser for secure testing in our testing lab. But, ...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • HTML editor would be really useful

    Frequently, I find that I need to copy and paste HTML from another source into the HTML editor (as opposed to the rich-text editor) in the "classic" quiz engine, or to modify the HTML in this view. However, it appears...
    Eric Orton
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  • Quizzes.Next

    Hi all- Just wondering if anyone is familiar with Quizzes.Next that will be rolled out by Canvas soon?  I was shown a demo today and the types of quiz questions that are available are impressive, but I'm concerne...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Bug Report: Users enrolled as Teacher and Student

    I tried to report this to Support but they were more interested in quibbling over whether or not this is a "bug".  We have some courses that are created through an SIS import for our schools in which all of the f...
    Matt Hanes
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  • iPad unable to scroll/see whole question

    I have been using the Quizzes LTI for about a year now and this last week something new happened. When my students log in using the canvas app about a third of them were unable to see the whole question. It was as if ...
    Hannah Crowder
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  • Bug Report: Dropdowns for Matching Questions

    So I gave a quiz with various different questions types today. I gave a matching question for countries and their capitals and I used several cities as distractors which meant that the list of words to choose from was...
    Matt Hanes
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  • Quizzes.Next not able to be "marked as done"

    Quizzes.Next assessments can be added to a module and made a requirement.  One option is "mark as done" but if selected there does not appear to be a way for a student to mark the quiz as done.   Descriptio...
    Eric Werth
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  • Not all quizzes post to grades

    [Introduction to bug, if necessary here]     Description of the Bug: I gave a quiz to 9 students and only 8 posted to grades.   Steps to Reproduce: Do not know how to reproduce   This docume...
    Bruce Gustin
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  • Outcomes in Quizzes.Next

    SMU is very much looking forward to Quizzes.Next coming out and specifically to the area of Outcomes. We need to be able to attached outcomes in a rubric to a whole quiz and assess in speedgrader, as well as (and mayb...
    Cassidy Porter
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  • Item Banks

    While it is very handy to be able to add quiz items to an item bank, and this is an oft requested feature for the legacy quiz engine, it would be very useful if there were a way to submit all the items in a quiz to an...
    Kelley L. Meeusen
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  • Quizzes.Next question banks do not allow copying beyond the first page of banks?

    We have 65 question banks for a course, and we are only in the first half of the semester. We build quizzes by duplicating questions, but the move/copy menu only populates the first page, so we can't build any mo...
    Ken Mayer
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  • Outcomes not working

    I've imported outcomes from my institution into my course, but they do not show when I try to attach a quiz question to the outcome. 
    Sarah Dille
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  • Unable to add questions to Item Bank

    [Introduction to bug, if necessary here]     Description of the Bug: When I select "Add to Bank", none of the banks that I've made so far show up in the dropdown menu. I'm able to add a quest...
    Joshua Beattie
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  • Quizzes.next next??

    Hi Canvas Clan!    I have noticed that unlike in the original quizzes feature when moving through modules to review items, using the next and previous buttons at the bottom of the page, Quizzes.next does no...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders