• What is the easiest way to migrate question banks to item banks?

    Where is the group of questions stored in the New Quizzes when you migrate it? I know, that probably isn't going to work, but I am just trying to find an easier way to create tests that are linked to item banks in New...
    Tracey Gould
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  • New Quizzes and Support for Remote Proctoring

    Summer is an ideal time for instructors to transition to New Quizzes and receive training and support. However, with many classes moving to online, we anticipate a need to implement online pro...
    Joe Fahs
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  • Lock Down Browser

    Is Respondus going to be the only lockdown browser to be available with the New Quizzes? That browser is not affordable for small programs. We need Proctorio. I am hoping that you won't exclude the small groups. Than...
    Liz Summers
    last modified by Liz Summers
  • When will tool be available to migrate classic question banks to item banks?

    Is there a Timeline for a tool to seamlessly migrate classic question banks over to new quizzes item banks? And that classic quizzes, built on question banks, will migrate over and correctly pull migrated question ba...
  • New Quizzes and ExamView

    Hello, I am trying to figure out if New Quizzes will allow for importation of exams from ExamView, As of now I have been told to import into Classic then migrate to New.  I am just wondering if further down the ...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Can I download all student responses in Quizzes.next?

    Hi, In Canvas Quizzes, if you go into the "Quiz Statistics" area, you can view the Quiz summary with question breakdown graphs etc. On the top, you also get options to download (or generate report) for "Student ...
    Sally Eberhard
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  • New Quizzes: QTI Import Oddity

    I had a faculty member unknowingly (see Footnote) attempt to import a QTI 1.1.3 zip file as a "New Quizzes" type assessment. The results were a bit confusing.   New Quizzes quiz was created with no questions. I ...
    Aaron Bahmer
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  • Score does not populate immediately

    When I grade the essay answers and then hit "update", I do not see the score automatically transfer into the gradebook (using Speed grader) (as it does with the old quizzes). I have to hit "update" a second time to ge...
    Laura  Shulman
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  • Settings issue

    Settings seem to appear in two places: in the exam itself but also can be done through "more options" from Assignments or Quizzes list (but cannot set access code or time limit here, only number of attempts). The exam...
    Laura  Shulman
    created by Laura Shulman
  • Directions for quiz does not display for student

    The "directions" do not seem to be included in the migrated quiz. It appears as "stimulus" in my view but it does NOT appear in the student's view of the quiz (I could not see that in "preview" mode). 
    Laura  Shulman
    created by Laura Shulman
  • How to stop score showing even when questions still need reviewed?

    When a new quizzes is composed of auto grade and teacher reviewed items, the score of the autograde is autopopulated in the gradebook even though questions still need to be reviewed.  It is on the Q & A page ...
    Stephanie Bridge
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  • Quizzes LTI and LockDown Browser

    Is there a plan to make the new Quizzes LTI compatible with LockDown Browser? 
    Lindsay Henry
    last modified by Lindsay Henry
  • Will navigation get better between Canvas and Quizzes Next

    Hi there. I am not sure if this has been dealt with before - but i could not find any comment about it. We have just started some testing with Quizzes Next and have found the integration between it and Canvas to be ve...
    Lex Lucas
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  • Printing Quizzes

    I know that printing quizzes while using an online learning platform seems a bit silly, but we have students who have 504's and IEP's that explicitly state they are not to test online so being able to print quizzes is...
    Cassie Arnold
    last modified by Cassie Arnold
  • Moving quiz into a module.

    Using a quiz in a module.  I have the quizzes navigation closed to students so they can only access quizzes through modules, but I am unable to move the Next Quizzes quizzes into a module- I can only see it in qu...
    Linda Waldman
    last modified by Linda Waldman
  • Partial Credit on Categorize question

    In the Categorize type question students missed 1 out of 10 and got 0 points.  There is no partial credit.  Is that always true?  Or did I miss a button to push?catergorize
    Linda Waldman
    last modified by Linda Waldman
  • Add Rich Content Editor to All Question Types in New Quizzes

    Why isn't there a rich content editor in every form of quiz question in new quizzes? Question types that need rich content editor in all parts of the question (not just the question stem) are categorization,...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Move multiple questions from one bank to another in New Quizzes?

    Hi everyone,   I've been moving my classic quiz banks into New Quizzes, and I've come up against a problem that I haven't found a good solution for yet.    If I have one large question bank that I wan...
    Erin Hallmark
    created by Erin Hallmark
  • New Quizzes Matching Question

    In New Quizzes, why is Matching an all-or-nothing grade?  This is ridiculous.  Students should get partial credit if some of the matches are correct.  Now I have to manually adjust all my students grade...
    Erin Hallmark
    created by Erin Hallmark
  • Custom Styling in New Quizzes

    Over the last several years we've developed a set of templated elements with custom styling we use for all portions of our courses including quizzes (instructions mainly).  Migrating to New Quizzes breaks that cu...
    Brett Huggins
    created by Brett Huggins