• Group Assignments with self sign up

    Problem: We have discovered that if a group submits an assignment, but the group isn't full, other students can sign up in the group and see the submitted assignment on the group's homepage. We have had a specific ex...
    Ian McKelvey
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  • Canvas Update - 10th May 2018

    Hi all!   By now you all are aware that Canvas updates every three weeks. In the April release, there were some exciting updates related to teachers that I wanted to share with you. See attached file for so...
  • Information on the GDPR

    Read the latest on the GDPR on our website.  The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)     ------- GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation. The GDPR is the new European ...
  • Experience with URKUND 2.0

    Thank you Ralph Stålberg for sharing the URKUND Canvas integration 2.0 guide!    I have a few questions regarding URKUND:  I know several customers in Scandinavia is using the Urkund integration...
  • CanvasCon Scandinavia in Oslo - April 26th

    Come and join us in Oslo for CanvasCon Scandinavia!  This is your opportunity—as educators, technologists and leaders from schools and higher education—to learn about and discuss new strateg...
  • Canvas Update - 17th November 2017

    SOFTWARE that makes PEOPLE SMARTER   Hello there,   Believe it or not, but the new release is the penultimate Production release of 2018. We have had a lot of great features rolled into the produ...
  • Canvas Teacher Competency Levels

    Our Product Engagement team has put together this wonderful resource, which I have attached for your consideration, to help you to work with your teachers on their Canvas development. From the ability to log into Canv...
  • URKUND - Canvas Integration 2.0 (Teacher Student) (version 2017-10-27) .pdf

    Gjelder for institusjoner som oppgradert til Urkund-Canvas-app version 2 
    Ralph Stålberg
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  • Canvas Update - 8th December 2017

    Here is the latest updates from your CSM team.   Italian Language Italian (Italiano) has been added as an available language in Canvas. Production Release Notes   CanvasLive Beta Release Notes (...
  • Sharing is caring  - Norwegian tutorial videos

    There is a lot of great tutorial videos of Canvas out there on the web (and in the community), and its easy to get up and running with basic stuff on Canvas. But sometimes its good also to have them in local language ...
    Nils Hjelmervik
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  • You can now categorize content as 'Norway'

    When you create content, you can now give it a category of "Norway." When you add certain tags to content you are creating, a category will be suggested. Let me know if you have any questions.
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  • URKUND Canvas Manual 3. Student Submission and Results v1.0.0.pdf

    Michele Wildish
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  • How to block teachers from integrating some apps?

    The University of Oslo are looking at Canvas - and consider to use the  Canvas Cloud (not only the open source from BIBSYS) in more ordinary courses.   From a security point of view I have some questions ab...
    Bent Kure
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  • Norwegian letters in SIS-import

    It looks like the SIS-import can not handle the Norwegian letters æøåÆØÅ. The letters are supported by UTF-8: http://www.utf8-chartable.de/unicode-utf8-table.pl (ø = U+00F8) ...
    Lars Solerød
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  • URKUND Canvas Manual 2. Viewing Results - Teacher v1.0.0.pdf

    Michele Wildish
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  • URKUND Canvas Manual 1. Setting Up Assignment v1.0.0.pdf

    Michele Wildish
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  • Integrate Recordings from Camtasia Studio in Canvas

    At the University of Oslo, we are using Camtasia Studio to record and produce mini-lectures. The final product consist of a folder that contains 8 files of the following types: html, xml, css, swf, mp4, png. Is there ...
    Bent Kure
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