• Group Assignments with self sign up

    Problem: We have discovered that if a group submits an assignment, but the group isn't full, other students can sign up in the group and see the submitted assignment on the group's homepage. We have had a specific ex...
    Ian McKelvey
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  • Experience with URKUND 2.0

    Thank you Ralph Stålberg for sharing the URKUND Canvas integration 2.0 guide!    I have a few questions regarding URKUND:  I know several customers in Scandinavia is using the Urkund integration...
  • How to block teachers from integrating some apps?

    The University of Oslo are looking at Canvas - and consider to use the  Canvas Cloud (not only the open source from BIBSYS) in more ordinary courses.   From a security point of view I have some questions ab...
    Bent Kure
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  • Norwegian letters in SIS-import

    It looks like the SIS-import can not handle the Norwegian letters æøåÆØÅ. The letters are supported by UTF-8: http://www.utf8-chartable.de/unicode-utf8-table.pl (ø = U+00F8) ...
    Lars Solerød
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  • Integrate Recordings from Camtasia Studio in Canvas

    At the University of Oslo, we are using Camtasia Studio to record and produce mini-lectures. The final product consist of a folder that contains 8 files of the following types: html, xml, css, swf, mp4, png. Is there ...
    Bent Kure
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  • Anyone actually using Unit4's new SIS?

    We're currently using CAMS Enterprise and are looking for a new/upgraded SIS.   Anyone know if Unit4's new SIS has made it to market?
  • Flinga collaborative knowledge construction tool

    Hi, I recently learned about the Flinga collaborative knowledge construction tool and I'm looking for more information about it.  Can anyone in this group worked with Flinga and share with me information on it, i...
    Clint Jacobsen
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  • Group assignments for everyone to see

    Hi guys,   thought I'd start a discussion on group assignments. At our school we have what we call «Learning groups», where the students are also divided into smaller groups. The learning groups are n...
    Hægland Pål
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