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Alissa Amundson
Click to view contentA few weeks ago, I created this resource document while Nirisha Garimella and I were on site.  It is a basic "roll out" training document that you can share with your faculty/colleagues as they dive into Canvas usage!  If you're ever in a training with me, I will always highlight how much I love Canvas as an Instructor, specifically because it… (Show more)
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Debbie Stephens
Some of our teachers are having an issue w/ Canvas where they have created a document in Google docs and shared it w/ their students so they could type on it on their ipads and chromebooks. Its working on the chromebooks but not on any of the ipads. The students made a copy of the doc but it still doesn't let them write on it. Is there… (Show more)
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Jaclyn  Myers
Click to view contentThere are many important pieces to consider when migrating to a new LMS or adopting an institution-wide LMS for the first time.  An important step in the process is determining how to introduce the platform to students and what resources they will need to learn how to use the platform.    Our popular “Be the Hero” and “Growing with Canvas” courses… (Show more)
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Bobby Pedersen
Click to view contentOn my way to work I go past several schools and notice the different School Visions emblazoned on flags and gateways. It seems that over the past decades the trend has been to display school visions, mission statements and values for all to see. Of course much time and wisdom has gone into creating these statements that help create a school… (Show more)
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Stephenie Jordan
For those of you who would like a one-stop-shop for the infographics, I've included the blog posts that house links and interactive pdf's for you to use. Enjoy!    Triumvirate Tips: Beginner Tips Intermediate Tips Advanced Tips Essentials Series: Beginner Essentials Intermediate Essentials Advanced Essentials   Start-Up and Clean-Up… (Show more)
in Canvas User Engagement
Doug Holton
Click to view contentHere's a rundown on documentation available for using various publisher materials in your Canvas course.  Feel free to edit/add to this page or comment below and I can make updates. If you are using a publisher website for materials and assessments in your course, you may be able to ‘pair’ your Canvas course to the publisher course site so that…
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Rebecca Penina Simon
I am starting a new job at a school that has been using Canvas for more than five years.  I am new to Canvas.  I will be providing some PD sessions at my school's upcoming Teacher In Service.  One session will be providing training to the school's new teachers.  Assuming that they are also new to Canvas, and I have only a one hour session with… (Show more)
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