Gregory Beyrer

Summer of Canvas: Week 2

Blog Post created by Gregory Beyrer on May 26, 2017

As I was planning for how to schedule time this summer, I had to decide how to schedule each week. Like lots of other places we slow down and have little activity on Fridays during the summer. We don't schedule classes that meet on Fridays and many of our classified staff have the option to work a 4/10 schedule instead of a 5/8 schedule. So I felt limited to Mondays through Thursdays each week.


The next question was how to set up the introductory workshop series. During the academic year I ran several once-a-week sessions that were one hour long and lasted six weeks. But getting people who are otherwise not coming to campus to be here one day a week for six straight weeks would likely be tough. Fortunately the topics are chunkable so that I could split them into four sessions instead of six.


For those weeks without four days I was able to set up a Google Calendar with appointment slots. We are a Google Suite for Education customer, which allows this. I discovered through some testing that *any* Google account can be used when signing up for appointment slots, and that helps my co-workers who are more likely to use a personal Google account. Ah, if only our students and employees were better able to use their district-provided Google accounts. That's a story for another day.