Andre Carpenter

Parent / Student Communication

Blog Post created by Andre Carpenter on Jul 18, 2017

Today we as educators should have an easier time communicating with students and parents since we have so many internet resources and Canvas along with Google can be a great way to integrate so that parents and students are in powered in this education process.  I an trying to improved my communication process through Canvas, but this have been a slow process.  I know we have the Canvas app for Android and IOS.  Here are somethings to consider when you want student and parents to be "in-the-know" when it comes to assignment completions, due dates especially for those who miss class time.  Also establish Canvas tools for easier uploading assignments / projects to Canvas


- Put a link for the Canvas App instructions on the course navigation via Canvas External App tool for student access on their mobile devices.

      - Also use this tool for important quick links to web-sites and other electronic resources

- Establish a Google sites web-page with regular assignment updates for all classes and have it link to your teacher

web-site on your school's teacher information page.

      - Create page of current / future assignment due dates for parent quick access since many parent do not visit Canvas on a regular basics.

- Establish mobile communication with all parents to that can link them to Googles Sites web-page

- Use Canvas External tool to establish easy turn-in of electronic worksheets stored on google drive.