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Over the years when working with anything to do with computers I’ve found that I learn best when I 'do the doing'. Having an expert at the front demonstrating without letting me have a go just doesn’t work for me. Nor does having someone reach over to fix mistakes I’ve made. No learning happens, it just doesn’t go in.


Surely I’m not alone.


I’ve made a rule for myself when supporting teachers with developing their blended learning skills, or when they are problem solving – Sit On Your Hands Bobby! They must 'do the doing' themselves.


It’s so very tempting to reach over and grab the controls, or leap in and say what the next step is, when sometimes a bit of wait time ensures they figure out the next step on their own.


Another avenue to explore when supporting teachers is to show them how to problem solve, and where to go for help. Keep this up your sleeve for a giggle


Time spent on these may seem like eternity, but it is time well spent. I encourage you all to sit on your hands at least once this week! Then tell us how it goes.

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