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Community Collaboration is Amazing!

Blog Post created by Erin Keefe Employee on Apr 2, 2019

You just never know who you're going to meet here in this amazing Canvas Community. For example, I "met" (virtually - not in person yet) Bobby Pedersen in the Community. Bobby lives in Tasmania. I don't live anywhere near as exciting, though it does end in "ia" (Pennsylvania, if you're wondering). We almost couldn't be further away from each other geographically. However, pedagogically and Canvasily (I'm going to say that's a word) we are really in sync! Even though she is a full 12 hours ahead of me, we recently collaborated on something that I think is pretty cool.


Bobby wrote this blog post - Invigorating English – Encouraging Writing Within Canvas K-6 a few weeks back. Roxanne Conroy thought it would make an amazing infographic and made the suggestion. I asked Bobby what she thought, and off we went! We collaborated on a Google Doc (there were a few hours where our days overlapped when we could communicate in real time) and made a plan to take her blog and make it an infographic. I built that in Canva, and Bobby made edits there, too. Wanna see what we did?


Invigorating English Infographic Gif


You can download the .pdf of it below. The links work in the .pdf - just click on the italics!


This was an amazing collaboration for me, and I feel so lucky that Bobby allowed me to use her great content to build this resource. 


Anyone else want to collaborate? Let's do it!



Principal Consultant, Learning & Strategy