Erin Keefe

Nebraska Canvas Users Conference 2019

Blog Post created by Erin Keefe Employee on Jul 26, 2019

My good friend and former colleague Shara Johnson invited me to present on behalf of Instructure at the Third Annual Nebraska Users Conference, July 26, 2019. Resources, links, and take aways from my presentations are housed below! If you have any questions, please reply to my post here. Would love to connect with you!


Outcomes and Rubrics

Presentation Slides

Canvas Guide: What are Outcomes? 

Canvas Guide: 4152,794716 

Canvas Guide: 4152,67952 

Canvas Guide: 4152,179359 

Canvas Guide: What are Rubrics? 

Canvas Guide: How do I manage rubrics in an account? 

Canvas Guide: 4152,724105 

Canvas Guide: 4152,41439 





Presentation Slides

Canvas Guide: Canvas Release: MasteryPaths (2016-11-19) 

Canvas Guide: 4152,61967 

Community Blog Post: So, What's a Module Anyway? by Erin Keefe

Community Blog Post: Mad About Modules by Emily Craddock

Community Blog Post: Hacking MasteryPaths by Kona Jones

Community Blog Post: Taking the Mystery Out of MasteryPaths by Kona Jones

Community Blog Post: Mastery Paths Design Sample 1 by Kym Schutz

Commons Resource: Implementing MP Practice Module

Commons Resource: MasteryPaths Course Samples

Commons Resource: PandaPaths