• Settings Question for iPads Using Google Docs

    Some of our teachers are having an issue w/ Canvas where they have created a document in Google docs and shared it w/ their students so they could type on it on their ipads and chromebooks. Its working ...
    Debbie Stephens
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  • How to enable Attendance Roll Call in FFT version?

    I have used Canvas in 3 universities in the U.S., and now I am using the Free-for-Teachers version for some beginning English classes in Nanjing, China.  I love the many tools available in Canvas! I have a large ...
    Beverly Neville
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  • Does anyone have any PDF guides and/or presentation materials on the New Gradebook?

    Hi, I am going to be giving a PD on Canvas to all of the teachers in my school.  I figured that this would be the optimal time to present and train them on Canvas' New Gradebook.  I looked in the Commons and...
    Rebecca Penina Simon
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  • How to add course content to dashboard?

    hello, I was wondering how do I add my courses that I have registered for winter 2019 to view on my dashboard?
    Vianey Galvan
    created by Vianey Galvan
  • Are there any printable rescources i could use for a stand?

    My college is doing a learning fayre next week and I have been given my own stand for Canvas for teachers and staff to come over and voice and questions or issues they are having.   I was wondering if there are ...
    Ken Black
    created by Ken Black
  • Expressing scores in rubric design

    When creating rubrics, it seems that each category allows for just one point to be added; however I want to express scores for each trait in groups -- e.g. "exceptional work" might be 9-10 out of 10; "acceptable" is 7...
    Elaine Monaghan
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  • Canvas Skills Checklist

    Anyone have a suggestion on criteria for teachers to have as beginning Canvas users? I'm teaching an hour session to 20 educators. Thoughts appreciated!! I'm thinking things like: Profile settings Notification setti...
  • Experience with alternate anti-plagiarism tools?

    It seems like I frequently hear questions about other anti-plagirism tools besides the industry dominant company (in the US market at least).  Have you experimented with other systems?  If so, what did you f...
  • What's one thing you could tell parents to get them excited about their child's use of Canvas in the classroom?

    This school year, my classroom will be utilizing Canvas in the classroom. I want to get parents excited about this new platform and encourage them to be involved in their child's performance through Canvas. Any sugges...
    Leah Thomasson
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  • Strategies for Faculty Gradebook Buy-in

    Currently at our institution we've gotten past the initial migration to Canvas from Angel successfully and now we're dealing with a new issue!  We want to try to get as many faculty as possible using the Canvas g...
    Emily Frank
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  • Markbook roll over

    When you rollover a course or copy a course to a new year aka. Year 11 into Year 12 can you also rollover the markbook to keep track of students over a two year period?
    Brigid Taylor
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  • Can you please provide any recommendation for a good Canvas training course for instructors (K-12)?

    Dear all,   Can anyone of you from this or maybe other groups recommend a good complimentary Canvas training course for K-12 Instructors? I found one from the Commons and imported over but for some reason, I sti...
    Kona Jones
    created by Kona Jones
  • How do you distribute information about updates in Canvas among your faculty?

    Once again there are changes in Canvas which require communication with faculty. But not all faculty need to know about all the changes, and I don't know which faculty need what.   So how do you all successfull...
    Cindy Masek
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  • Top 10 Critical Steps for Faculty Canvas Newbies?

    All, Not finding where this is covered elsewhere so please point and gesture and politely snicker if this should go somewhere else Trying to boil down an approachable starting point for faculty newbies to Canvas so...
    Michael Welker
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  • Moving from BlackBoard to Canvas course URL woes...

    Moving from BB to Canvas, but some of our courses have content that links back out to BB- anyone know any utility that replaces all the BB URL links in courses? thanks Looking for a super script that can replace all ...
  • Importing Pages from a Book in Moodle into Canvas

    When I first imported a Moodle Course into Canvas the Books came over as pages in the Modules.  When I do it now, the pages of the books end up elsewhere. Is there a way to require that the pages from a Moodle b...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Etudes Migration

    Is there an easy way to migrate my Etudes courses into Canvas? I searched the help files, but all that came up was a private group. Thanks!
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • How did you choose which courses/terms to migrate over?

    Hi all,   We are beginning the implementation stage with our migration from eCollege to Canvas. We are really trying to figure out our strategy to migrate courses over. Unfortunately, there is not a built-in too...
    Tammara Whitaker
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  • A Pre-Semester Moment

    If Canvas were to become part of the Umbrella Corporation, their logo might be something like this:   I would like a coffee mug like this:
    Bill Gibson
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  • How to get analytics about a training course without adding users as students?

    Hi! Our IT training/ professional development group has recently created a Canvas course that serves as a self-paced curriculum for our faculty and staff who want to learn how to use Canvas. No one has to be enrolled ...