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Charlotte Doody
Are there any quality assurers/IQA's in the group?   My question is - do you have a recommended way of sampling units created in Canvas? I'm used to systems like Learning Assistant and e-Track, but not quality assuring in this system.   I suppose I'm looking for the most efficient way of accessing information without too many clicks.   … (Show more)
Nichole Walker
As an account or subaccount admin, I want to set default notification settings for my users by role. Like role-based permissions, these notification settings could be locked or unlocked; that is, I could choose to allow users in a given role to change a default notification setting or not.   transferred from the old Community Originally posted… (Show more)
Stefanie Sanders
Hi.  Is there anyone here who has experience integrating RTO Manager with CANVAS? If so, can we please talk?  Tx! 
Andreana Newson
Hi everyone, Swinburne is implementing Canvas with full implementation by 2019, we are at the very early stages. My team looks after resulting so I will be keen to hear how Canvas manages the grading schemas for vocational education. I look forward to being part of the network.  Andreana
Candice Lim
Click to view contentNow that you've set up your instance with Sub-accounts and Courses, how can you manage your enrolments? In Vocational Education, many organisations work with rolling enrolments, where students start their unit and qualification work across the year. If you're one of those organisations, we've outlined two options below to manage rolling… (Show more)
Candice Lim
Click to view contentHow should you structure your Canvas Courses in your instance if you're in Vocational Education?   There are already multiple guides outlining the hierarchical structure within Canvas (here) and information about Canvas Courses. The purpose of this blog is to provide a VET perspective of how you could apply your system hierarchy in Canvas.    Last… (Show more)
Amelia Hayson
Click to view contentYou might have noticed when uploading a USERS.CSV, via the SIS Import function, it does not currently give you the ability to send the 'User Creation' email. So how do you give your users the opportunity to set their own password?   Some of you may request your users to select the 'Forgot Your Password' link on the login page, or perhaps you have… (Show more)
Tania Gomez
Hi Canvas VET world.    I have had a few students submit assessments in the wrong item and wondering the best way to handle this.    Can an instructor revert the submission and allow them to submit the right task?    Can an instructor then add the submission into the right assignment place for the student?   Thank you Tania 
Amelia Hayson
Click to view contentLearning through practice and simulation is an essential aspect of the development of expertise in the workplace. Competency Based Training is designed to allow the learner to demonstrate their ability to do something as such; RTO’s need a way to assess and record the evidence of that assessment.   A Direct Observation (otherwise known as a… (Show more)