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Candice Lim
Click to view contentNow that you've set up your instance with Sub-accounts and Courses, how can you manage your enrolments? In Vocational Education, many organisations work with rolling enrolments, where students start their unit and qualification work across the year. If you're one of those organisations, we've outlined two options below to manage rolling… (Show more)
Ruth Thornton
Click to view contentWhat will be covered? Vocational Education as a Canvas User Group in APAC Introduction to our Group Leaders / Chairs Overview of our Community Space and how it will operate Definition of: Ongoing meeting frequency and format Agenda topics How Instructure can best support the group
Stefanie Sanders
Hi CANVAS Legends,    I am very interested to hear the success and the troubleshooting others have applied in contextualising CANVAS to the Vocational Educational Sector in Australia.    I have done a brief search and couldn't find answers I was looking for.   In particular I am interested in  - adjusting and customising the language settings… (Show more)
Natalie Hamilton
Hi. I am keen to hear from anyone who is using the Blueprint Course functionality in the VET sector - the pros and cons, and about any pitfalls that I should be mindful of if our college adopts this approach. So far I have quite mixed feedback about the functionality so would find it helpful to hear from and connect with anyone who has gone with… (Show more)
Charlotte Doody
Are there any quality assurers/IQA's in the group?   My question is - do you have a recommended way of sampling units created in Canvas? I'm used to systems like Learning Assistant and e-Track, but not quality assuring in this system.   I suppose I'm looking for the most efficient way of accessing information without too many clicks.   … (Show more)