Laura Joseph

Vote 1 Triffid

Blog Post created by Laura Joseph on Apr 8, 2016

Meet  our office triffid. It has a varied diet, which includes, but is not limited to, filing cabinets (pictured). However, we have noticed lately that it finds people who vote for VET-friendly Canvas content to be extremely unappetizing (people who comment on the threads as well as voting are even less palatable).



Here are the latest VET-friendly Canvas features - you know what to do.


Course Format in SIS Import

This is a suggestion for blended courses to be an optional field in the SIS format (just like start_date and end_date are) for the courses.csv file.


automatic email notifications after passing course 

Automated notifications in general would be very helpful in large courses. There's also the similiar idea, Customizable Automated Alerts and Triggers  now closed for voting, but someone (anyone? anyone?) can resubmit it.


Hide Names of Graders (aka Anonymous graders) 

Neat idea, particularly for cross-marking in large courses.


Last name, first name as separate cells 

What's that sound? Oh that's just the wailing and gnashing of teeth from people who are manually alphabetizing.