Amelia Hayson

Tracking Reasonable Adjustment

Blog Post created by Amelia Hayson Employee on Jul 13, 2017

What is Reasonable Adjustment, and what does it mean to your institution? Recognised Training Organisations (RTOs) have an obligation to assist learners who may need some flexibility in training and assessment so that their individual needs can be met.


One of the most common questions I am asked as a Customer Success Manager (CSM) is 'when you have multiple faculty working towards the support of an individual learners needs, is there a way to track this information inside of Canvas providing easy access to all relevant staff?'. 


One cool functionality that I have recently had the opportunity to play with recently is 'Faculty Journal'. The Faculty Journal enables faculty to make private notes about students progress that persist and are available beyond a single course. It is tied to a user profile therefore has some connection to Interaction Reports and Grades.


This nifty feature allows you to:

  • to view a link to the Faculty Journal in the User Details page sidebar,
  • view faculty journal information for individual students,
  • create new entries in a faculty journal.


A Preview




Want Access to Faculty Journal?

Contact your CSM and ask them to enable this feature for you.