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Canvas x VETtrak - LMS Integration Hub

Blog Post created by Adam Ware Employee on Apr 26, 2020

For those of you who integrate with the VETtrak, we've collated these resources to provide a one-stop-shop for you. 


Terminology Crossover

* - These elements must be created in Canvas before you sync


We also suggest reading the following article Considerations for Course Creation in Vocational Education and discussing this with your CSM to ensure you maximise both Canvas and VETTrak as much as possible.


Important Links / Guide

VETtrak Canvas LMS Integration - User Guide (attached)

VETtrak Support Centre - VETtrak – Help Centre 
VETtrak Community - Topics – Help Centre 


Instructional Videos





Require further assistance?

Reach out to the VETtrak via their website - VETtrak – Help Centre