Disable Self Registration in Canvas Parent App

Idea created by S9300807 on Nov 2, 2017
    Open for Voting

    We manage our Observers through the SIS import and have self registration disabled in the Canvas interface. We'd like the Parent App to be restricted to only use the Observers accounts created by our SIS import from our student system so that parents are only connected to students to whom they should have access plus it makes it easier for them. 


    There are several reasons but the main one is it would work like it does when the parent uses Canvas Student. When a parent logs in Canvas Student they are automatically connect to the students that we have connected them to in the SIS Import. Also, court orders that disallow a parent from the student information but the student could easily share their credentials so that the parent can log in Canvas.  We realize that if the parent has the student credentials that they can log in Canvas as them but the real reason for the request is to make is easier for our parents.  .canvasparent