Ability to Create a stand-alone module.

Idea created by Michael Nieckoski on Nov 2, 2017
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    • Luiz Teixeira
    • Bradley Moser
    • Katrina Worley
    • maga
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Carrie Gardner
    • Leonardo Santos
    • Michael Nieckoski
    • Pablo Mora

    I would like to be able to create stand-alone modules.  That is, a module that does not link to the other modules via the Next button. Currently, if I have three modules, X, Y and Z,  each with five items, a user starts at module X, pages through the five items to the end of the module and gets a “Next” button which takes the user on to the next module Y, and cascades through all the modules in the course.  I want the user in module X to come to an endpoint at the last item in the X module.


    I envision this to have the option to modify the “Next” button for the last item in a module.  The options would be select able and might include: “Next” what we have now and would remain the default; “Go to homepage’” and;  Go to a Canvas object (file or page, etc.) of my choosing using the right side content menu to link to the location.


    I have many instances where I do not want users to go on to the next module because they have been directed to complete X module, not Y orZ.   I do not want to hide Y or X because other users may be directed to go to either Y module or Z module but not the others.