Add visibility to Redirect Tool app configuration

Idea created by Todd Van Zandt on Nov 3, 2017
    Open for Voting

    I would like to provide an easy way for Redirect Tool menu items to display for teachers only and not students. Unfortunately since a Redirect Tool navigation link is not one of the core navigation items, it disappears entirely from the navigation menu, rather than displaying in a greyed out state (unavailable to students), when you move it to the disabled list at the bottom of the navigation settings.


    There is lengthy discussion on this page (Redirect Tool app is there a way to assign a user role? ) that I found that talks about how you can adjust the visibility setting (course_navigation[visibility] = ) of the tool using API and/or XML.  However, this is not something that most of our instructors would be doing for themselves, and it would be much better if it was just a drop down menu option in the App Configuration page, or an additional selection item that appears when you choose the Show in Course Navigation checkbox during the Add App process.



    Use case:

    Instructors want to add a link to an external web tool/site in their course navigation menu that is an important resource for the management of their course (e.g. Registrar's roster tool - that provides additional details), but is not something that the students should be able to access.