Canvas App: Use Same Naming Conventions on Desktop and App

Idea created by on Nov 9, 2017
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Christopher Casey
    • cms_hickss

    I discovered while trying to write "How to" instructions for my students that the names used for buttons/actions in Canvas were not the same in the Desktop version, the iOS App, or the Android app. For example, if a student asked me, how do I respond to a discussion post, I would have to tell them: 

    • Desktop: Select "Reply."
    • iOS App: Click the arrow icon at the top right.
    • Android App: Select "Write a message."

    If a student asked me how to take a quiz, I would reply:

    • Desktop: Select "Take the quiz"
    • Android App: Select "Go to quiz" then "Start"
    • iOS App: Select "Take quiz"

    If a student asked how to submit an assignment, I'd tell them to do the following:

    • Desktop: Select the "Submit Assignment" button.
    • iOS App: Select the "Submission" tab and then select "Turn In"
    • Android App: Select the "Submissions" tab and then select "Turn In".


    These are just a few examples. I recommend having the Canvas Team go through and use the same naming conventions across Desktop, IOS, and Android. Consistency across platforms would improve usability and make it easier to write "How to" instructions that work across the various types of devices used by students.