question viewing format on a quiz

Idea created by Lucy Lamb on Nov 9, 2017
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    • Laura  Irvin
    • Rob Ditto
    • Lucy Lamb
    • Lindsay McMichael
    • Matt Hanes
    • Angela Morrell

    Giving students a choice is a highly recognized and effective teaching strategy. Why must it stop at instruction? I'd like to give students the opportunity to chose on a quiz. I love having the ability to determine if my students can see one question at a time or the entire quiz at once. However, I believe it should be the student's choice. When the quiz opens, they should have the ability to chose if they want to see one question at a time or multiple. This is not only helps our students who like to jump around and/or start from the bottom but it is also beneficial for our students with disabilities who might get overwhelmed with the amount of questions/information.