Scheduler: Co-Instructors, Aides, GAs

Idea created by Stacy Greathouse on Nov 10, 2017
    Open for Voting
    • Ira Strauss
    • Rob Ditto
    • Ellen Rhudy
    • Amanda Hinson-Enslin
    • Stacy Greathouse

    We can bolster the power of Scheduler! Currently, only students may sign up for appointments in scheduler (individually or as groups). 


    Co-instructors, classroom aides, and grad assistants (i.e. other roles) should be able to sign up for slots & get notifications (e.g. cancellations) for meetings that have to be co-facilitated, or for meeting times that not every instructor can or needs to be there, but that we need to see who's meeting with what person/group.


    Then, scheduler can also be used to schedule just co-instructor/GA/Aide meetings.