Add "Submission Details" Link to Google Cloud Assignment

Idea created by Deborah Bogard on Nov 12, 2017
    Open for Voting

    The idea: Provide students with quick access to rubrics and teacher comments in Google Cloud Assignments by placing a similar Submission Details link on Cloud assignment pages that is found with other Assignments. 


    What it generally should look like:

    Here's what it looks like in non-Cloud assignments. We need this same type of quick access to rubrics, annotations and teacher comments in Google Cloud Assignments. 

    Submission link

     (Acknowledgment: Screenshot is borrowed from the similar Office 365 Cloud Assignment Idea submitted by Ryan Corris  Office 365 Cloud Assignment Submission Details )


    Why this is needed:

    At present, students must go to the Grades link in the Navigation Menu and find the Cloud assignment in their grades list to see its rubric and teacher comments/annotations. This is is a problem for two reasons:


    (1) Because it doesn't look or work like the other assignments, the inconsistency tends to lead to student confusion, frustration and lower engagement with important rubrics and feedback.


    (2) Many teachers prefer to keep the Canvas Grades link hidden because the institution's official gradebook may not be the Canvas gradebook. For example, our official gradebook is in PowerSchool. Teachers add offline grades to PowerSchool, not Canvas, so they choose to hide the Canvas grades link because having two places with grades, with only one having ALL grades, confuses students and parents. (Workaround Note: It helps, but doesn't completely solve, the confusion if teachers choose Hide Totals in Student Grades Summary in course settings. That way, no overall grade is displayed that potentially could be far different from the one in our SIS.)