Submission Details Link Needed on Submit Page of Google Cloud Assignment

Idea created by Deborah Bogard on Nov 12, 2017
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    The idea: Provide students with the same access point for viewing grades, comments & annotations in a Google Cloud Assignment, as they have in other assignments. This would involve placing a Submission Details link on the assignment, similar to the Submission Details link that is available for other Assignments. 


    (Note: there is an idea asking for this same feature for Office 365 Cloud Assignments here: Office 365 Cloud Assignment Submission Details )


    The details:

    In Google Cloud Assignments, when students open an assignment after submitting it, the only options available are the "Submit" button and a link that opens their document in their Google Drive.

    Screenshot of G Cloud Assignment Header


    In non-Cloud assignments, though, students can open their submitted assignment and click "Submission Details" to see instructor feedback (Comments, Annotations, Rubrics).


    Submission link


    feedback link

    (Acknowledgment: Two of these screenshots are borrowed from the similar Office 365 Cloud Assignment Idea submitted by Ryan Corris)


    The Workaround:

    Currently, the only way a student can get to the submission details for a Cloud Assignment is by going in through Grades in the Navigation Menu.


    Why the Workaround is Insufficient:

    Forcing students to go to Grades to see submission details is a weakness for two reasons:

    (1) It does not provide a consistent user experience at the student level, which leads to lower student engagement with teacher feedback on Cloud Assignments. (In other words, when students can't find it where they think it should be, they tend to give up.)


    (2) Many of our teachers prefer to keep the Canvas Grades link hidden because our official gradebook is housed in our SIS software (PowerSchool), and thus, teachers add offline activity grades to PowerSchool, not Canvas. Teachers hide the link because two apparent gradebooks, with different information in each, confuses students and parents. (Workaround Note: It helps, but does not completely mitigate, the confusion if the teacher chooses Hide Totals in Student Grades Summary in their course settings. That way, no overall grade is displayed, which can be wildly different from the overall grade the students and parents see in PowerSchool.)


    I've loved the Cloud Assignment tool from the moment it burst upon the Canvas scene back in January 2017, and look forward to seeing improvements such as the one requested here -as well as another Cloud Assignment idea I've posted here: 

    Give Instructors Access to Students' Live Cloud Assignment Docs