Temporarily Make Course Unavailable to Student View

Idea created by Thomas Robb on Nov 13, 2017
    Open for Voting

    There are times where some courses (depending upon design of the course) may need to be made unavailable to student view.  For example, if an instructor posts course materials on their Canvas site relative to a high stakes assessment taken in class, monitored by the instructor, proctor, etcetera.  In these cases many times instructors disable their entire course until the exam is over.


    Currently there is no rational way to temporarily make a course unavailable to student view (entirely) without putting end dates, checking the two boxes to only allow access and prevent access during a specific time.


    Would be nice if there were a course setting to allow temporarily disabling a course from student view until such a time the instructor sees fit to open it back up.  Other use cases (such as an instructor is may need time to fix a bug before it becomes more widespread) I'm sure where this would apply and decided to open this up to everyone for input/feedback/additional suggestions or see if this is something that would not be used very often.


    I would see this making sense the most as a "temporarily disable" course from student view, then the instructor or administrator be prompted for additional settings such as when to make available again, whether to notify students of this change, explain a reason why, etcetera.