Display border/module/object for one specfic role only

Idea created by Johan Fridell on Nov 14, 2017
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    • Johan Fridell
    • Erik Lundsten

    At KTH we have a process where our students first apply for a course and then confirm their participation by doing a course registration in our SIS (LPW).


    Since the process is long our faculty wanted to ensure that students can view course material long before the formal registration is completed and hence we handle this in Canvas as detailed below:


    1. All students admittedto the course are added as OBSERVERS
    2. All students that are registeredfor the course get the additional role of STUDENT


    We will soon implement a step where we remove all observers but currently we let them remain and thus all students who have registered for the course will have both the role of OBSERVER and STUDENT.


    But as Canvas functions currently it is not so easy for a student to notice that he/she is just observing the course, especially when the course have not started with assignments etc. What I would like to see is an option where we could make something (frame, announcement, module or something similar) visible for a particular role only. That way we could inform OBSERVERS that they need to register but students who have done this would not need to see this frame/object/module.


    With the case of observers that could mean just indicating this more clearly like "student view" and "act as user" but ideal would be if we could trigger this based on any role with the option of adding some info/HTML to allow us to tailor it, then it would be a great improvement and allow for some really cool role based additions for particular user groups.

    With the release November 18th 2017 we get the ability to display a link in the help menu for observers only, but I would really like to see something we could use on course level rather than global.


    Perhaps it is possible to add menu items and make them available only for a specific role? (keep in mind that our students at times are both OBSERVERS and STUDENTS thus the need to be able to address a specifc role) 


    It would also be very welcome if the roles we have defined ourselves were possible to use and not only the base roles as often seems to be the case.


    Any ideas or suggestions are most welcome!