Maintain Peer Review Writer-Reviewer Groups Across Assignments

Idea created by Richard Zimmerman on Nov 14, 2017
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    • Richard Zimmerman

    Create a way to maintain the same Peer Review writer-reviewer pair (or group) across multiple assignments.

    Current Process:
    In this class, students submit a paper, let's call this Submission.
    The paper is automatically assigned anonymous peer reviews.
    The students submit their revised paper in a new assignment, let's call this Resubmission.
    To maintain writer-reviewer pairs the client manually assigns peer reviews for Resubmission.

    An instructor from our university approached me with a simple (not to the dev team) idea with very sound reasoning. He feels the best way to verify that the changes suggested in Submission appear in Resubmission is to have the same reviewer review the resubmitted document. This mitigates any context switching peer reviewers must do which is especially important when the scope of the documents is large.