Sync with SIS/Integration button

Idea created by Steven Hammond on Nov 14, 2017
    Open for Voting

    The ability to sync with your sis or integration service should be available for admins. Currently it's locked behind the liquor cabinet doors of a select few support personnel. Which means if a new student shows up in Canvas from our triangle of integrations (SIS > Clever > Canvas) but let's say they're missing course enrollments or they don't show up at all. This of course means tracking down the issue and 95% of the time both our SIS and Clever contain the data we need but Canvas of course does not. Not even Canvas is aware of an issue since the log file doesn't contain this student or students you may have issues with.


    Having to create a support ticket or call the number, which also creates a support ticket to start a manual sync is very inconvenient. Sure it's probably because they don't want us starting manual syncs any old time we want and overloading what are probably already overloaded servers but something's gotta give. Us tech folk are always bombarded with services that "take it out of your hands so you have more free time" but when that control is no longer or never was in your hands it's a major pita when you just want to hit a button to make the magic happen and go on with our day. I do love that support line hold music though, very soothing.