Maximum Score in a category (asignment group)

Idea created by Michael Wenzel on Nov 27, 2017
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    • Marguerite Burns
    • Rob Ditto
    • James Ashby
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Marie-Louise Mares
    • Cliff Cunningham
    • Mark Harris
    • Daniel Bolton
    • James Lattis

    This would allow instructors to set a maximum score a student can earn in a particular category. This would be beneficial to those of us who accumulate points, not numbers of assignments. For example if the maximum number of points for a category is 20, it would not matter if a student earned 20 points through 10 assignments or if it took them 14 assignments to reach 20 points.

    Currently there are rules for dropping scores, but not for this type of scoring rubric.


    I would think it would be a simple logical test to program, much like the dropping of a high or low score.