HEVC playback support

Idea created by Jeff Handy on Nov 28, 2017
    Open for Voting

    We would love to start using H.265 encoded video, but it doesn't yet appear to be supported. This would be a major upgrade for both education providers and students. It will cut down on the file sizes since lower data rates can achieve the same results with their H.264 counterparts. It would save cloud space and enhance the user experience by providing smaller files, higher-quality streaming (i.e. less buffering) and less pixelated full screen video. Where does Arc stand on this front? 


    What file formats does Arc support? 


    Transcode Wowza Live Streams to HEVC/H.265 

    Zencoder: HEVC/H.265 Guide | Brightcove Learning 

    H.265 HEVC support | JW Player