Desired Canvas Support Reporting Features

Idea created by Evan West on Nov 29, 2017
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    • Evan West



    As an admin at Columbia College Chicago, we compile data from Canvas Support reports into a comprehensive report of what each month looked like for us. We use this to see what our users may need training on, as well as a vehicle to

    reinforce the quality of Canvas Support to encourage and promote the use of it.


    We include data such as component affected by month, requests by day/time, request type, requester roles, etc.


    One reporting feature that I would love to have, would be the average handling time for a phone call.


    This is something that I have to manually calculate and compile each month.


    If I don't keep track of this on an ongoing basis, I go into the component affected by month report, gather the ticket numbers that are phone origins, to then download the audio files from the call, to see how long they were.


    It would be awesome to have this indicated somewhere for me already. Maybe the case origin report, within the ticket, and even the component report, would be good starts.


    I would also be curious to have a report on average phone answer times, as well as the average duration of the dialogue happening in a chat ticket, and the average response time of chat tickets.