Add Active Terms option to Grade Export reports

Idea created by David Askey on Nov 30, 2017
    Open for Voting
    • Eric Werth
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Ann mariano
    • David Askey
    • Tasha Biesinger

    Currently when requesting an MGP Grade Export report or a Grade Export report the only options are  All Terms or  A Specific Term.  With the weighted grading periods feature (which requires more terms to be defined) it is cumbersome to select All Terms because there are multiple active terms as well as all the inactive terms from previous years included.  We have only been using Canvas for two years - but after 10 years the list will be long.  It is not convenient to select a specific term because then we have to run the report 4 times for the current active terms.

    I suggest that an option to report All Active Terms would be very useful for these two reports - or else the ability to select multiple terms (but not all)