Expose usage.json in API

Idea created by Danny Liu on Dec 4, 2017
    Open for Voting

    Currently a really neat JSON document that summarises an individual user's interactions with course assets is available at {canvas_url}/courses/{course_id}/users/{user_id}/usage.json (its usefulness and popularity are demonstrated by posts such as Obtaining and using Access Report data for an entire course ). The reason this is useful is because it delivers the 'axes' that most higher ed teachers I've talked to want - content vs student (as opposed to cumulative clicks vs time, or even student vs time).


    As great as the Canvas API is, it currently doesn't expose this data. It would be fantastic to be able to access usage.json (or similar) via an API call. E.g. one of our in-house learning analytics tools surfaces a lot of engagement metrics to teachers for actions in bulk, but this asset engagement is a big gap!