Rubrics with two-styles of criteria

Idea created by Michael J Barnes on Dec 5, 2017
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    • Michael J Barnes
    • Gideon Williams
    • Linnea Thompson
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Christopher Casey

    This is something that came up as I was trying to create a rubric for my students to understand how they would be graded for their in-class performances. 


    This was originally created as a paper form that I had made for grading their performances.  These performance/presentations are basically the equivalent of a quiz/test.


    I need the capability to have a rubric that has one half of the rubric with a number of criteria with ratings.  Then, I need to have three open criteria where I can write free-form comments where I can have a point scale. 


    SO....I need ratings and free-form criteria in one rubric. 


    As a work-around, I'd thought about writing a quiz with two questions.  I'd then assign a rubric with my ratings criteria to one question and a rubric with the free-form criteria in another.  Unfortunately, rubrics cannot be assigned to quizzes.   It would be great to have some way to have both in one assignment/quiz.