Folder Structure in WYSIWYG

Idea created by Josh Keegan on Dec 6, 2017
    Open for Voting

    We are an Australian medical college and we have hundreds, if not thousands of images to add into Canvas LMS. 


    We have noticed when adding in images into a course, we are presented with a flat file structure within the WYSIWYG for images with thumbnails.


    This is very useful if you have only a few images per course, but many of our courses have hundreds and scrolling through to find the correct image is difficult, especially when there are multiple images of the same person from different angles to accurately capture an unknown skin lesion. 


    We have considered a naming convention to assist with our issue, however this is of little assistance given the size of the text compared with the image.  The issue becomes more apparent when adding x-ray images to courses (refer to attachments).


    A file structure tree within Images would assist allowing us to embed the correct picture to the case as well as reuse images already uploaded for other courses.


    Maintain Folder Structure prompted us to raise the idea but there doesn't seem to be anything for under the WYSIWYG.