Calendar: Include Change Log Feed

Idea created by acepoint on Dec 11, 2017
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    Everything that happens on canvas I have set to get notified about, but this is sometimes too large a task for example:

    I get notified on sms, and on email I could click on view announcement. What I would seriously prefer is to open the calendar like so: . Right now it looks a little like Google's because I can turn on/off my classes assignment schedule. What I would like to turn on is being able to see things like when the following has occurred:

    So these types of calendar events are like a log that shows on the calendar when and as they happen:

    File Submissions/Changes

    Why, because I have to open every class' Dashboard Widget and search through all the locations, to check on the date, they can hide files, like under Files Syllabus Announcements Discussions Assignments Grades Quizzes Conferences Collaborations Chat Pages Modules

    How it can be great, I can click on yesterday or any day during the last week, or all the days between the first and second exam, and instantly go to the new content.

    What makes it important is that a lot of people probably don't even get notifications about even little things like Recent Feedback.

    So at the top where there's Agenda and Scheduler if there could be a "Feed", like Facebook's Activity Log, that would be super