Master-Model Discussion Rubric Flexibility in SpeedGrader

Idea created by Aimee Garten on Dec 7, 2017
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    • Camille Pierre
    • Tracy Yates
    • Bethany Heywood
    • Aimee Garten
    • Holly Heatley
    • Steph YoungGonzaga

    Institutions using the master-course model need quick, easy ability to customize Speedgrader rubrics for discussions in each master class to copy to individual sections. A single global rubric for all discussions in all courses is not acceptable from a pedagogical/andragogical perspective, an assessment perspective, or any other perspective. 


    I eagerly ask for Canvas to partner with an institution in the master-course model (like us) to quickly address this major issue. Our ideal set-up would be:

    • Each discussion forum can have its own unique rubric, written and weighted by faculty leaders in the department/program
    • An ability to map/link discussion rubrics to the CLOs with easy analytics
    • The ability to adjust individual discussion rubrics during master course revisions


    Alternatively, we could settle for a limited menu of sandbox rubrics (15-20 different rubrics) that can be copied and implemented by faculty and course developers during master course development or revision. The bottom line is that we cannot have a single rubric for all discussions in all courses.


    We love SpeedGrader. We just need rubrics that assess properly! Let's innovate!