Chronological File name format for gradebook exports

Idea created by Kenneth Lonnquist on Dec 7, 2017
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Kenneth Lonnquist

    When you export the gradebook to a .csv, the file name comes out as (for example) "07_Dec_13_58_Grades-2017FA-AA-101-L01.csv" ; listing the day number, month abbreviated, military time, Grades, and then the course. Exporting multiple backups of the grades over the few months of the semester makes the file sorting problematic - 07_Dec is right after 06_Sept and just before 07_Nov . And while I can sort the folder to be by date, that is not the default sorting method, and makes finding files inconvenient.


    I would suggest instead naming the files in the Dec_07_13_58... order, or even better doing so and using a number as the month (12_07_13_58...), so that the files will all sort chronologically by name as well as by date created.