Show how many assignments need to be graded in Speedgrader

Idea created by Lee Sledd on Dec 8, 2017
    Open for Voting
    • Fred O'Loughlin
    • Christopher Soran
    • Debra Padden

    When I am using speedgrader, there is the dropdown which allows me to scroll through and see who has and hasn't completed work. But I'd like a numerical reminder of how many are not graded near that dropdown. On the homepage, it tells me how many need grading- I click and open up Speedgrader, but then forget how many I need to do, and have to scroll to hunt them down. I'd like to minimize scrolling and have a reminder of how many I'm doing, for when grading gets interrupted, etc. As it is I go back to the homepage and refresh to get an updated count. I'd like a running count of ungraded submissions in the top of speedgrader of each assignments that updates as I grade. Please and thank you.

    speedgrader does not show the number to be graded